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Pastors' Wives Retreat

Pastors' Wives Resource site provided by the Sunday School Discipleship Ministries International, a ministry of the Church of the Nazarene. We want to hear about your experiences, the lessons you’ve learned and how God’s Word and prayer supported and sustained you in the joys and challenges of parsonage life.

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Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged .... for there is a greater power with us ... 2 Chronicles 32:7

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We want to hear about your experiences, the lessons you’ve learned and how God’s Word and prayer supported and sustained you in the joys and challenges of parsonage life.

All submissions will be reviewed before they are posted.


PoWeR— the Pastors' Wives Resources website provides resources for the parsonage family. It is also a place where you will find a common bond with those who constantly face the joy and challenges of parsonage life…read more

Pastors' Wives Resources
Open the Vents PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tom Barnard   

Our home has central heat and air. It came that way. It was part of the original construction. Our mortgage covered the cost of both. How nice is that? In the summer we have air-conditioning. In the winter we have heat. All of this is controlled by a device on the wall that allows us to set the temperature for either heat or air-conditioning. It’s called a thermostat. Ours is a digital one.

Personally, I prefer manual settings, rather than automatic ones. I’m not a control freak, but I like the idea of setting the temperature control and knowing that the thing will obey me. We have two zones for our heating and air-conditioning system—one for each floor. Again, how nice is that?

Called by Marriage? Called by God? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Patty Hambrick   
I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart! And the peace I give isn't fragile like the peace the world gives. So don't be troubled or afraid ( John 14:27 TLB).

Sometimes with my husband, Ted, sometimes without, I have counseled a couple in a broken marriage, encouraged a student not to drop out of school, attended numerous committee meetings, taught Sunday school, worked in the nursery, supervised and organized “Children’s Day”, took my turn cleaning the church, visited the sick, counseled a pregnant young woman considering an abortion, comforted two mothers who lost custody of their children, sang in the choir, worship team and helped with children’s music, confronted a drug-using mother, counseled two families with children in jail, talked to my family about my father’s failing health, worked my full-time job, etc.  This is life as a ministry wife.

Sure, I get tired.  Life is rewarding but it is hard.  Demands on my time and commitment to what I must do and would like to do are difficult.  But I have made a decision that blesses my soul. I believe I am “Called by God and Called by Marriage.”

Living In a Glass House PDF Print E-mail
Written by Barbara Roach   

Ministry hurts! What? “Yes, ministry hurts” is something someone once said to me and I am quite sure I heard it right. I have run that thought through my mind many times.  Ministry is not always easy, in fact as the wife of a pastor, most of the time we are right in the middle of many struggles that hurt. 

But, knowing what God brought me out of to where I am today, I feel very honored that He can use me… “a broken vessel”…alongside my husband, (the pastor), for His purpose.
Being involved in ministry puts you in the proverbial “glass house.”  Those in ministry are held to a high standard, but none of us can please everyone.  Shouldn’t the instruction of Colossians 3:5 be for everyone, clergy and laity alike?  Shouldn’t we all be spiritually minded?

Women's Ministries Speakers List PDF Print E-mail
Written by Linda Hardin   

Women's Ministries updated the Speakers List. Click here to access the list.

Provision PDF Print E-mail
Written by Louann Davis   

I was raised with tithing as a part of my life.  When my dad would give us our $1 allowance for the week, it was given to us in ten dimes, with a tithing envelope—and a piggy bank provided too.  We were to give 10 % to the Lord and 10% to the bank, both practices taught to us to secure our future, fiscally and spiritually.

Actually, it was a great lesson.  Giving the dime was no big deal.  As I grew older I was giving the $1 out of $10 and the $10 out of $100.  It was a natural progression that I thought nothing about.  I think back over my life and the Lord has always, always provided for me and my family, many times miraculously and I know it was because I have given what He asked of me.  He has provided jobs that always fit our situation, anonymous donations in the mailbox to pay for car bills, money given by a fellow church member to help us get to a funeral. 

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A note to Pastors' husbands –  

We welcome pastors’ husbands to visit this page and to provide insights into the needs and challenges you face. Let us know how we can minister to you and assist as you fulfill your supportive roles. Send your comments and suggestions to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Until then, we welcome you to join the discussions and provide resources on this site...Read More

Prayer support –

Each weekday, Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International (SDMI) meet for prayer. All requests will be presented to the staff, except those identified as confidential. We’ll pray for you, asking God to work and to extend grace and mercy...Read More

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